References & Thanks


Beach research

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The Frick penthouse

Many thanks to:

Sumitra Duncan; Deborah Kempe, Chief of Collections Management and Access; and all the accomplished staff at the Frick for sharing insights, guidance, and especially laughter throughout a complicated year.

Pamela Graham at Columbia University Libraries for discussing her own research, with Matthew Weber, into the scholarly use of web archives.

The CEDWARC team for organizing the workshop, and to CEDWARC and IMLS for providing me with a travel grant so I was able to participate. And extra thanks to all the colleagues, old and new, who shared conversation and tater tots afterwards.

The Archives Unleashed team and all the organizers for being flexible, supportive, and managing to put together a useful workshop despite the challenges.

And everyone who spent some time completing the survey during a pandemic, when there were a lot more important things to tend to.

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